Defense Contract Consultant

Defense Contract Consultant

If you want to work with the Department of Defense (DoD) as a contractor, you’re going to need help. With growing complexities and stringent oversight, obtaining and keeping profitable government defense contracts is no small feat. That’s where the role of a defense contract consultant like Claris Global Strategies becomes pivotal. We’re the trusted advisors who understand your industry, offer customized solutions, and guide you on the path to success.

Compliance with regulations like FAR, CAS, and other government standards is paramount for securing and keeping future contracts. A failed audit could be a major setback. But don’t fret, Claris Global DoD consultants have your back. We have the critical relationships, and we are well-versed in compliance requirements and offer advisory services to keep you audit-ready.

So, let’s go deeper into the role of a DoD contract consultant and how we can be your secret weapon in procuring and performing on these lucrative government contracts. We’re not just consultants, we’re your partners in growth. Let’s explore how.

Claris Global Strategies: Expertise for Defense Contractors

Offering unparalleled support for defense contractors, we at Claris Global Strategies understand the unique industry challenges. Our aim is to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions allowing successful navigation through the environment of government contracts. We are committed to providing expertise that supports compliance with complex regulations like the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS).

Our value proposition involves several services for defense contractors. Among the list of services we offer, Cost Pricing Proposal Reviews capably demonstrate our strengths in evaluating the financial aspects of defense contracts. We also offer Provisional Rate Proposals and Reviews to help defense contractors maintain compliance with government financial requirements.

In the domain of Contract Negotiations, we offer skillful negotiation of price and clauses. We prepare thorough Contract Reviews and Briefs and ensure stringent Contract Compliance Oversight. For complex circumstances such as Contract Novations, we have the strategic capacity to address regulatory challenges.

We further assist in critical operations like Contract Modifications involving Change Orders and Extension Requests. Our expertise extends to managing issues like Requests for Equitable Adjustment, Contract and Grant Closeouts, and even Issuing, Monitoring, and Closing Out Subcontracts.

Additionally, we offer essential support during circumstances like Contract Termination optimizing negotiation outcomes. We also assist in Determining and Managing Intellectual Property Rights.

By entrusting these facets of government defense contract consultation to us, you can tap into a web of opportunities. Plugging into our operational expertise and strategic acumen, you stand better positioned to succeed, and have a positive impact on both national security and your bottom-line. We carry this commitment through in all that we do, aligning with the visions of CEOs to help shape the national defense landscape.

Understanding Your Needs in the Defense Sector

Navigating the uncharted waters of defense contracts often proves challenging. The labyrinthine regulations, coupled with the rigorous standards set forth by the federal government, demand the expertise of seasoned defense contract consultants like Claris. We help organizations like yours, supporting your ambition to make a significant contribution to national defense efforts.

Defense Consulting Services for Every Stage

Transitioning through various lifecycles of defense contracts is no easy task. As experts, we’re here to rectify this complexity. Utilizing a broad spectrum of consulting services, we cater to both large and small prime contractors and subcontractors. We’re adept in providing strategic, financial, operational, and relationship guidance to suit your unique business needs. We can also help ensure your compliance with regulations, addressing your capital needs, and bolstering your company’s reputation.

Partnering with Veteran-Owned Expertise

Harness the power of expertise refined through decades of practical experience! We’re bound by a common purpose – delivering superior DoD consulting services. We have a solid track record of effectiveness, bolstered by our CEO COL(R) Kevin Felix and his wealth of National Security and DoD experience. By partnering with us, you gain access to an invaluable knowledge base and solid relationships that combine to fuel your success in the defense sector. You leverage our hands-on expertise in navigating Federal Acquisition Regulation, Cost Accounting Standards, and other crucial regulatory compliances. Together, we target your needs, sealing every loophole and creating a solid foundation for your success.

Claris Global’s Defense Consulting Capabilities

At Claris Global, our capabilities extend beyond the conventional scope of contract consultation. We pride ourselves on a suite of services aimed at addressing comprehensive needs of our defense contractor clients.

Technology Transfer: From Commercial to Defense

In the realm of technology transfer, we support the smooth transition of commercial technologies into defense applications. As part of this process, we identify novel technological advancements with potential for defense utility, securing rights for defense use, and facilitating the implementation and integration of these technologies in the field.

Urban Warfare Expertise and Training

Our expertise expands into urban warfare, under which we offer comprehensive training and advisory services. We equip our clients with knowledge of tactics, logistics, and strategies pertinent to complex urban environments, encapsulating the unique challenges they present. We provide training modules that help in understanding asymmetric warfare, non-traditional battlefields, and navigating civilian populations to minimize collateral damage.

War Gaming Facilitation for Strategic Planning

We understand the value of practical, scenario-based learning in defense planning. As a part of our capabilities, we provide war gaming facilitation services. Simulating diverse conflict scenarios and strategic response strategies, we allow our clients to practically assess the split-second decision-making and strategic foresight necessary in real-world warfare.

Supporting Joint Multinational Defense Strategies

Finally, we assist in the formation of joint multinational defense strategies. Understanding the need for global collaboration in these times, we aid our clients in formulating, negotiating, and implementing defense strategies that transcend geographical boundaries. Leveraging relationships with regulatory bodies across the globe, we provide aid in understanding international defense protocols and facilitate cooperation across nations.

Thus, our services encapsulate not just contract consulting but a nuanced understanding of the defense sector. Through these comprehensive offerings, we aim to ensure our clients are well-equipped for success in their defense-related endeavors, all the while adhering strictly to regulatory compliance and practicing wholesome business ethics.

As experts in the complex field of defense contracts, we know that navigating these waters requires a keen understanding of regulations, relationships, and detailed contract processes.

Claris Global Strategies: Your DoD Contract Specialist

Claris Global Strategies thrives as your trusted DoD Contract Specialist, with a track record rooted in contract compliance oversight, contract modifications, and the skillful negotiation of change orders and extension requests. We also possess the know-how to assist in managing intellectual property rights and can help ensure seamless and beneficial negotiations for our clients.

Building and Sustaining Relationships within the DoD

Forging robust relationships within the Department of Defense (DoD) forms a critical element of our success. Communication, trust, and reciprocity characterize these relationships, allowing us the advantage of understanding regulatory updates and ensuring compliance in real-time. With hundreds of contacts within prime contractor state agencies and federal government entities, we maintain an active dialogue, ensuring that our clients enjoy a favorable position when opportunities arise.

Securing Defense Appropriations & Winning Contracts

Securing defense appropriations and winning contracts in the defense sector require meticulous cost/pricing proposal reviews, effective contract negotiations, and proficient compliance oversight. Our expertise is grounded in handling Requests for Equitable Adjustments (REAs) professionally, understanding the parameters of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), and staying in line with Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) for optimal compliance.

In addition to these primary services, we assist in operational and financial restructuring, extending our support in critical areas such as business plan review, diagnostics analysis, strategic and valuation assessment, contingency planning, and claims management. Our unique experience and expertise enable us to cater to the unique requirements of each client, ensuring customized solutions that enhance business operations and improve profitability.





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