Dense Urban Environment Subject Matter Expertise

Experts in Dense Urban Environments

Dense Urban Environments (DUEs) present unique challenges for military operations. Claris Global Strategies’ expertise in this area translates to:

  • Operational Planning and Support: We can advise on strategies for navigating complex urban environments, considering factors like infrastructure, population dynamics, and potential threats.
  • Training and Simulation Development: Our knowledge informs the creation of realistic training exercises that prepare troops for the complexities of urban warfare.
  • Technology Integration: Claris Global Strategies advises on the use of advanced technologies for enhanced situational awareness and communication within dense urban environments.

Our deep understanding of DUEs empowers us to provide invaluable support to military planners and operations in urban settings.

For a broader understanding, read The Case for Mega-Cities co-authored by President/CEO of Claris Global Strategies Kevin Felix and Frederick D. Wong.


Dense Urban Expertise - Mega-Cities